Strengthening Research and Innovation
ecosystems to address the impact of climate
change in the Pacific

Consolidating Research and Innovation (R&I) ecosystems in the Pacific via multi-stakeholder approaches and knowledge mobilisation on climate change issues for the deployment of R&I networks and sustainable solutions

coastal vulnerability, ocean health and sea level rise

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The project will be organized around Living Labs which will allow the co-construction of innovative solutions by actors from various backgrounds such as research communities, development actors, public policy makers, local businesses and citizens, based on modeling and artificial intelligence, engineering, sensors / observatories, remote sensing, local knowledge.

The RERIPA management unit is based in Fiji where the project has recruited a project manager and an administrative and financial manager to support the scientific coordination provided by IRD.

Four calls for proposal will allow to solicit partners to contribute to:

  • 1 – Mapping the R&I network of small Pacific island countries and their strategies
  • 2 – Strengthening the R&I skills of small island countries in the Pacific
  • 3 – Building multi-actor Living Labs
  • 4 – Support to the innovation process and to the solutions resulting from the Living Labs
Calls for Proposals 4: Contributing to Pacific education / knowledge on Research and Innovation processes and tools, with a reference to Living Labs outputs against Climate Change Impacts (CCI)

Call 3 : Living Labs for Innovative solutions to address Climate Change Impact in the Pacific

Call 2 : Capacity building in Innovation and valorisation

The OACPS R&I Programme is an initiative implemented by the Secretariat of the Organisation of African, Carribean and Pacific states (OACPS) and funded by the European Union (EU).


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